An image is worth more than a thousand words
Of all the diamonds art definitions, the one that more calls me the attention is the capacity to transmit feelings through the images. You will never forget that wonderful beach that you visited! And you don't also forget the trips that you did! The power of the images! The images are powerful! The images bring of turn the outstanding moments of the life, they make to look for the future, and they propitiate pleasant and unforgettable moments of well-being and comfort.
“To propitiate well-being feelings and comfort, and a pleasant design” it is the plastic artist's Orly Silva work, that has if highlighted exactly by getting with the oil painting on screen, to unite the well-being feeling to a pleasant and harmonious design, adjustable to every atmosphere type.

Orly Silva, for being a Brazilian artist, resident in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and a lover of the beauty of this wonderful city, is a specialist in the painting of the tourist points of Rio de Janeiro, as for instance: the beaches of Copacabana, Botafogo, Ipanema, Barra da Tijuca; the Bread of Sugar; the hill of the Humped, and Cristo Redeemer's image.

Being autodidactic, Orly Silva began to try the plastic arts from youth, stimulated by the family, and for her own pleasure to create. However, to improve the talent that God gave her, it participated in renowned courses of plastic arts. Also the visits to museums and galleries of arts in Egypt, Israel, Turkey and Europe, in international cultural trips accomplished, a lot contributed to her formation.
In this virtual space you will have a sample of this talented plastic artist's beautiful work, that it gets “to walk” with ability and a lot of grace in several styles, as: academic, abstract and impressionism.